wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals That Leave No one Behind.

American Access Mobility, Rents wheelchair accessible mini vans and full size 15 passenger vans to those needing assisted transportation. We also have a shuttle service for many other assisted needs. Our customers who have rented from us in the past will be able to purchase our fleet college student homework vehicles at discounted rates when they come out of service. We pride ourselves in maintaining a very clean late model fleet. Our units are full ADA compliant. The Amerivan PT from demonstrative speech ideas Eldorado National represents the best in a premium quality lowered-floor minivan for light transit use.


Every Eldorado National component of your Amerivan has undergone rigid testing for safety and performance. The crash tested Amerivan design meets or exceeds all applicable U.S. vehicle safety standards.

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Low Cost Wheelchair Rental Van Solutions.

Vacation & Holidays
Business Travel
Insurance Replacement
Long Term or Extended Travel
Temporary Physical Assistance
Day Trips
Non-Emergency Medical Visits
Try Before You Buy

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Serving The Following Airports.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport – DTW
Detroit International – DET
Flint – FNT
Saginaw – MBS



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