How to treat impotence is the inability of a man to fully implement a sexual act. Suffer from this disease about 50 percent of men, whose age is more than 50 years. Not protected from impotence and men at a younger age, leading an incorrect lifestyle. Is it possible to cure impotence at home? If so, how? Many believe that it is impossible to cure impotence at home. But … If you perform Kamagra a detailed diagnosis under the supervision of a doctor, then it will help to develop a scheme of complex treatment at home for each patient individually. Diagnosis will consist in elucidating the main causes of the decline in erectile function of men. In this matter, urologists, sexopathologists, andrologists will be competent. Causes of impotence Organic nature This means that the appearance of the phenomenon of impotence occurred due to some disease. It can be: urological diseases (inflammation of the prostate gland, urethra, testicles), as well as sexually transmitted infections (STIs); other diseases of the body (diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, problems with blood pressure). Psychological causes of impotence: stress; depression; psychological trauma. Others: bad habits (smoking – the cause of impotence, the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, etc.); incorrect lifestyle (low physical activity, poor nutrition, sedentary work, etc.) If you think that you finish too quickly, then for you the ways of prolonging sexual intercourse . Cystitis in men is one of the most unpleasant diseases. There’s more medikopen detail about it. Home Treatment Tips It is important to remember that potency at home can be maintained, and cure (if there are serious reasons for its occurrence) can only be under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, it will take a lot of patience and time, self-confidence and the implementation of the recommendations of doctors. Every man should understand that with increasing age, sexual activity is reduced . As they say, you can not trample on nature. But it is possible to prolong the “pleasure” a little. It is not recommended to immediately start taking drugs (such as Viagra) that stimulate sexual function, unless they are prescribed by a doctor. Since their main task is not the treatment of the disease itself, but the elimination of its manifestations. These drugs are usually taken in conjunction with other methods of treatment . You can try stimulants of natural origin , such as decoctions of herbs and stuff. Today it is not difficult to find popular recipes for the treatment of this disease. But you can argue about their effectiveness. Drug treatment is prescribed, if necessary, based on the cause of the disease only by the attending physician. Change in lifestyle , getting rid of bad habits, full sleep and physical activity within reasonable limits. It is recommended to walk a lot, as well as perform gymnastic exercises that help increase blood flow in the pelvic area. Excessive physical activity reduces the level of hormones . Also, not the best way on men’s health is stress . Very often impotence develops on the nerves – a man suffers not so much physical ailment, as psychological, so it is very important to be able to overcome yourself, and adjust to the right way. Reduction of excess weight , if any. This is facilitated by the physical load, which was mentioned above, as well as diet and proper diet. Excess weight can be called a kind of “scourge” of modernity. Do not need to run yourself, and turn into a shapeless body that is not capable of anything. Proper nutrition . There are so-called “men’s products” that help to activate the sexual function: pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, honey, walnuts, dried fruits, greens (parsley, celery), a variety of vegetables and fruits, seafood, green tea. But you do not need them to eat kilograms – this does not help . It is better to consult with knowledgeable people (all with the same doctors, for example). From the diet it is necessary to exclude: beer, protein and fatty foods, less to eat pasta, coffee. Positive attitude . The most important thing in any therapy is a strong desire to be cured. Avoiding nervous overloads, as irritation, nervous exhaustion, stress – this is one of the main causes of flaccid penis. It is important to learn to relax and adjust to sexual intercourse.

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