Mileage Fees

Rentals include free mileage, however mileage over the allowable will be charged at $0.25/mile after the accumulated total of free mileage.

Delivery Fees 

$25 Delivery Fee to Flint Bishop Airport
$75 Delivery Fee to Detroit Metro Airport

Contact Us for delivery to other places of convenience, or call  (810) 694-5003 to obtain a quote today!

Fuel Charges 

Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel and you should return the vehicle with a full tank. Any vehicle returned with less than a full tank will be charged for the cost of fuel, plus a refueling charge.

Rates are subject to change

Days Daily Charge Free Miles Per Day
15+ Days 79.00 100
8-14 Days 85.00 100
4-7 Days 90.00 100
2-3 Days 95.00 100
1 Day 99.00 100

Weekend Rate – $195

Hourly Rate – When Available (call for information)

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